Our LiteSpeed, Xtreme & Cloud servers are specially crafted and
tested to achieve
the best speed results for any WordPress website.


Which web hosting package should I choose?

LiteSpeed Server – Hare Hosting

  • Located in USA
  • Cheap introductory pricing
  • Perfect for fast big websites
  • Automated WordPress installer (Softaculous)
  • Site.Pro & SitePad website builders included
  • Licensed LiteSpeed Servers compatible with LS Cache
  • Free LiteSpeed Cache plugins for WordPress Joomla
  • Fastest possible hosting for this price
  • 100% NVMe SSD storage (twice the speed of normal SSD)
  • PHP 5.2 - 7.3 & mySQL
  • CloudFlare CDN. HTTP/3 & QUIC ready
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Small or large businesses
  • Startup companies
  • Bloggers
  • Showcase websites
  • Local clubs

Starting at just €2.74/month or less


  • Located in Europe
  • Ideal for website development and complicated sites
  • Automated WordPress installer (Softaculous)
  • Very powerful dual Apache/NGiNX servers with cPanel®
  • Multiple off-site backups; restore in cPanel
  • Very fast 100% SSD storage
  • Hourly AutoBackup Option
  • Node.js, Python, Ruby pre-installed
  • PHP 5.2 - 7.3, postgreSQL & mySQL
  • Special server/PHP module requests
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Large websites
  • Forums and notice boards
  • Membership sites
  • eCommerce sites
  • Extreme performance needs

Starting at just €8.99/month or less

Cloud Hosting - Now with 30% off first bill

Select billing cycle: 1 month to 3 years

Upto 8 CPUs & 8GB RAM

With WordPress Installer & Unlimited Storage
Available billing cycles: 1 month to 3 years

From €16.99/mo (annual billing)  


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cloud2022 for 20% off
your first bill!

cPanel - for management
100% SSD Storage
State of Art NGiNX Caching
Free SSL Certificate
Scale from 2 to 8 CPUs

CWP WordPress Hosting

Using CWP control panel (instead of cPanel®). Fast & easy with prices that stay cheap on renewal. Using the latest SSD cached servers with PHP-FPM. Ideal for new websites on a tight budget. Short payment cycles available.

  • CWP control panel
  • WordPress Installer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Easy to use
  • Fast hosting
  • Always cheap pricing

The perfect choice when on a budget

LiteSpeed Hare Hosting plans

Fast, easy and affordable. Using the latest SSD LiteSpeed servers with free LS Caching plugins and CloudFlare content delivery network. Ideal for new websites and for people with high traffic sites.

  • cPanel control panel
  • LiteSpeed Server
  • WordPress Installer
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered Storage Options

The perfect choice for a new website

Xtreme WordPress Hosting

For busy and complex websites. Super fast with 100% SSD storage and advanced backup & restore. Dual Apache/NGiNX technology. Great for demanding eCommerce sites.

  • 100% SSD storage
  • JetBackup Software
  • Hourly Backup Option
  • cPanel & WP installer
  • NGiNX Caching
  • Python available

For the more demanding websites

Elastic Cloud Hosting

For sites with high traffic or high CPU requirements. Easy to use and comes cPanel®. Automatic multiple web instances ready for deployment. Ideal for demanding websites like flight search, car rental search, etc..

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Add more CPU cores
  • Add more dedicated RAM
  • Automatic Fail-over
  • Solid State DIsks

Scalable & powerful hosting for busy websites

Speed is the #1 factor

WordPress needs specially configured servers to be really fast.
Now, with WP SpeedPro hosting from WpHost2Go, you get the blazing performance of a specially configured dedicated server at the price of a normal shared hosting.

Blazing performance

Advanced high speed caching with Varnish or NGiNX

Scalable Plans

Easily change plan, when needed to suit your business

WordPress Installer

For fast installation and automatic updating of WordPress

Automatic backups

Automatic backups to offsite servers for security

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Which web hosting package should I choose?


Best introductory pricing

Our best introductory pricing is with our LiteSpeed Hare Hosting plans

Best long term value for money

For the cheapest long term pricing, our CWP Hosting is great value. It features a simple control panel that includes PHPmyAdmin, PHP version selector, PHP.ini editor and a great file manager. It does not, however, have visitor statistics.

For cPanel enthusiasts, and for novices who will be referring to tutorials that assume cPanel control panels, we offer our Hare Hosting plans that use LiteSpeed servers in the US, and our Xtreme plans in Europe.

There is a small speed advantage is choosing a server that is close to you.
In general, if you and your customers are mainly in the Americas then is probably better to use our LiteSpeed Hare Hosting plans. However, if you and your customer are mainly in Europe or Africa, then our Xtreme (or CWP) Hosting will be more suitable. However, there are some other considerations to take into account:

For Web Developers

Our Xtreme servers have Python, Ruby and Postgre SQL, and a more comprehensive off-site backup policy, including optional hourly backups and long term backup retention. For advanced software development that might require special modules, permissions or other settings, we recommend our Xtreme plans.

Easiest hosting for performance

Our LiteSpeed Hare Hosting servers are more “locked-down” with less ability to make custom changes. We do, however, offer very attractive initial pricing (at around 50% off) on these plans. If you want to use the completely free, easy to use and highly rated LS Cache plugin for WordPress (or Joomla, Prestashop, etc) then you need this LiteSpeed hosting. LiteSpeed is already fully compatible with HTTP/3 and QUIC.