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Main Points

Email plan Storage
per account
Kind of use Ease of use 1-5
1 = Easiest
5 = Most difficult
Features 1-5
1 = least
5 = most
Spam Controls
Free with Domain 2 x 100MB Light use 1 2 Auto – No adjustment
Business Mail 5GB Medium use 1 2 Auto – No adjustment
Enterprise Maiil 25GB Heavy use 2 4 Auto – No adjustment
cPanel WebMail
Depends upon
web hosting
Medium use 3 2 Sensitivity adjustment
Simple white/black listing
Google G-Suite 30GB Heavy use 5 5 Sensitivity adjustment
Complex white/black listing

All our email products give you a professional email solution and come with different features and complexities.
We recommend Roundcube Mail as it is feature rich and user friendly. It comes in 3 flavours: Free, 5GB Business and 25GB Enterprise.


Free Webmail with Domain Name

When you buy your domain name from us (or transfer it to us) then we will give you two free Roundcube webmail accounts of 100MB each for free, even if you chose not to buy a webhosting product. The free email is a good solution for light use. The free email can be easily upgraded when necessary to the Business 5GB hosting.

(Our Free email with domain will continue to be freely available for as long as you continue to renew your domain with us. Free email is not available for a domain in combination with other email products.)


Free Email with Web Hosting

All our Weh Hosting plans includes free cPanel Email. The amount of storage space available depends on which hosting package you take and how much is used by your webhosting. Administration of cPanel email is a little bit more complicated than with Business or Enterprise Mail, but we have an online guide to assist you. cPanel email is usually good for light to medium use.

cPanel Email allows your computers and mobile devices to send and receive mail, and also includes webmail for use with an internet browser. You can select to use one of two different webmail apps: Roundcube or Horde. For occasional use, Roundcube is probably the easiest, and has a familiar kind of look to the design.

Horde Email is a slightly more complex product that has more options and includes the ability to collaborate with its online calendar and contact list.

Business & Enterprise Mail

There are many businesses that are heavy users of email sending and receiving many emails with large attachments. Musicians, architects, doctors and estate agents would be good examples. Where there will be large quantities of email or many different email accounts that need to be controlled by a personnel department we would recommend using our Business Mail, Enterprise Mail or our Google G-Suite solution.


Business Mail

Our Business Mail come with 5GB per account allows for the easy control and administration of staff email accounts. The system comes with automatic spam protection and virus interception. It works perfectly with mobile phones, tablets and computers. Mail can be accessed via webmail or using your computer or phone’s email app.

Business Email is available from €1.39 per month.


Enterprise Mail

With Enterprise Mail, each account has 25GB of email storage. Also included are OX apps that include collaboration support for Calendars & Contacts. Mail can be accessed via webmail or using your computer or phone’s email app.

Enterprise Email is available from €3.99 per month.

Formally called Google Mail with Apps

G-Suite offers 30GB combined email and Google drive storage per account. The administration panel for this product has many, many options and settings… far more than the normal private free accounts or the cheaper 15GB accounts. For example, the spam setting can be fine tuned, user can be forced to keep company policy footers in sent mail and sent mail can be automatically scanned to look for certain keywords in emails that might indicate an employee is sending classified information.

G Suite can even be set to scan attached images with optical character recognition to look for classified information being incorrectly sent and to divert that sent email to the system administrator for manual checking before the sent email is released! All these controls make the product very flexible but a little complicated for a small business.

If you are familiar with the way Gmail works however, then this might be the product for you. This 30GB Google product comes with 24/7 support from Google including phone support. There are no adverts. Microsoft Outlook can completely sync, including calendars and contacts.

This version also includes Google Apps Marketplace: These are third party apps which integrate with Gmail to allow such things as email tracking and customer management.

*Free cPanel Email is available with all our web hosting plans.

*If your domain name is hosted with us then you will qualify for the two 100 MB email accounts (which include OX Webmail) that come free with the domain name. The free email can be upgraded to OX Business email at any time and additional email accounts can then also be added.

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